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I have always been a photographer. I spend my life dialoguing
with light. I have a strong connection with the pose. [...]
I think pose, in portrait, is a safety mechanism.
Marcio Scavone

There is tension in Marcio Scavone’s portraits. But there is also
gentleness. A slight tension that touches our look and doesn’t
leave us unaware of the characters’ subjective circumstances.
Identified or not, they provoke us and want to know more about
our intentions. Ontologies hover in the light that leave the eyes
that contemplate us. In this intense exchange of glances, we are
filled with beauty, care, heat, anguish, doubt, affection, mystery.
In this deep relation to which Marcio Scavone’s portraits invite
us, there is never indifference. In his book Copo de Luz
(Sao Paulo, Alice Publishing Editora, 2018, p. 136), Scavone says:
“No photographic mode has used the resources at its disposal,
technical, creative, esthetic or simply formal, to tell a beautiful
´lie´. Yes, for what for the photographer is the definite search for
someone, for others, the one that looks back at the camera,
the portrait ends up being a hide and seek game.”
Marcio Scavone was born in Sao Paulo, SP, in 1953. He started
photographing while he was still a child, with his father’s
Rolleiflex. At 20 he already worked as an ad photographer.
In the 70’s he studied photography at Ealing College, in London.
In 1998, he was one of the 50 photographers who were chosen
for the celebrational issue of Hasselblad’s 50th anniversary.
He won several awards in advertising, such as Clio Awards and
Cannes’ Gold Lion. He is the author of “Marcio Scavone e Entre a
Sombra e a Luz”, 1997; “Luz Invisível”, 2002; “A Cidade Ilustrada”,
2004. He is a member of Academia Paulista de Letras.
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